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My name is Kristina, and I’m a home based baker and cake decorator right out of Virginia Beach.

KS Kakes provides custom cakes, cupcakes, and cookies for celebrations, special events, weddings, and personal gifts!

Take a look at my gallery to see some of my work!



6” Round cakes start at $125.00 (feeds 24 people)
8” Round cakes start at $150.00 (feeds 36 people)


4” Round cakes start at $35.00
6” Round cakes start at $45.00


Standard cupcakes: start at $36.00 a dozen
Mini cupcakes: start at $36 for 2 dozens
Custom decorated cupcakes: start at $38.00 a dozen
Custom Decorated Sugar Cookies: start at $60 per dozen
Chocolate covered Oreos: start at $30.00 a dozen
Chocolate covered Pretzels: start at $24.00 a dozen

Have something in mind thats not listed? That’s okay!
Please email me and I will accommodate you to the best of my ability


Any order may be subject to design charges which include labor and cost of supplies. Design costs vary and will be applied to all orders requiring anything other than basic finishing such as, but not limited to, toppers, carved cakes, impressions, edible prints, and sugar flowers.


All orders delivered will incur a delivery cost. Delivery is $35 within the first 10 miles and then an additional $2 for every mile over 10 miles.

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